Sponsor a Comic

If you would like to promote yourself, your brand, or your business then becoming a comic sponsor is a great way to help get seen by a wider audience!


Website Banner

Pick the comic(s) you want to sponsor and your promotional banner will go right underneath! The banner can be clickable with a hyperlink to your page. Banner size must be 711px by 125 px (y). The total width of the banner (z) will be 920 px.



As well as sponsoring a comic on my website, your sponsorship can also extend to Instagram.


1. Comic Post

Your promotional slide will feature as part of the comic post.  The caption will tag your desired page and direct people to search your work either by the tag or by my story/highlight. Please provide artwork with square dimensions so that it is suitable to be uploaded to Instagram.


2. Instagram Story Shoutout

A story shoutout will contain a link to your page that allows people to swipe up and visit. These posts are visible for 24hrs. Please make sure to provide artwork that is suitable to be viewed on a phone (1080px by 1920px).


3. Pinned to Sponsors Highlight

Highlights are like stories except they are permanently displayed atop my Instagram profile. no additional artwork is required.


For more information and details about pricing and packages, please direct all enquiries to:



Approval for advertisement on Eatmypaint is solely at the discretion of the artist who reserves the right to refuse advertisement offers if they are not in keeping with the values of Eatmypaint. NSFW, hatespeech, or pornographic material will not be considered for promotion. Adverts may be removed without refund only in cases where pages subsequently violate these terms. Sponsorship prices are per comic. Any artwork displayed within the promotional displays remain the sole property of the respective creator(s).